Re: Is promoting RDF+XML a lost cause?

> > I guess what I'm suggesting is that converting XML data to RDF is a
> > darn sight easier than converting XML developers to RDF.
> This is a great quote. GRDDL-like techniques are the order of the day I 
> think.

My favorite idea at this point is Ontology-Driven XML (ODX), which
should allow people to use their normal XML (as long as it's not too
crazy) mapped to RDF triples based on the rdfs:Class of the XML element
and attribute names (mapped to URIs).  Elements which have type
rdf:Property or rdfs:Class are parsed as in RDF/XML (with stripe
skipping as necessary); datatypes and collection elements can also be

One of these days I need to put together a demo....    :-/

    -- sandro

Received on Thursday, 25 November 2004 15:37:02 UTC