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Discussion: Reflect on Tom Gruber's interview in AIS SIGSEMIS Bulleton

From: Miltiadis Lytras <mdl@eltrun.gr>
Date: Tue, 23 Nov 2004 18:58:29 +0200
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Thomas Gruber interview available in AIS SIGSEMIS 1(3) 2004 (http://www.sigsemis.org/newsletter/october2004/tom_gruber_interview_sigsemis ) is an excellent piece of knowledge. 

I had a discussion with Tom and we would be grateful if you share your reflections, critical thinking, thoughts and ideas on the key propositions of Tom. In a later stage Tom could provide more insights on your thoughts and feedback. 

Use this link to post your commnents on Tom's Interview:


Please comment on:

	(1)	His reconsideration of its classical definition that "ontology is a specification of a conceptualization"

	*	"Well, the most important components of that definition of ontology <http://www-ksl.stanford.edu/kst/what-is-an-ontology.html> are that the ontology is representation artifact (a specification), distinct from the world it models, and that it is a designed artifact, built for a purpose. I think most computer scientists get the distinction between a specification and the world, even for synthetic worlds.  In retrospect, I would not change the definition but I would try to emphasize that we design ontologies."

	(2)	His new insights to the concepts of informal, semi-formal and formal ontologies

	*	So, to conclude, I would say that all practical ontologies are semiformal, and the "sweet spot" is an ontology that specifies clearly how you can commit to it.  Both the formal and informal parts should be designed to make it easy to play by the rules: the formal by automated testing and the informal by well-written documentation. 

(3) His overall interview. 

Use this link to post your commnents on Tom's Interview:


Finaly a great thank to all of you for your support. We have already 5800 downloads of the Bulletin 1(3) 2004!!!! 

Best Miltiadis

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