Re: Interpreting RDF as representation of a resource?


On Mon, Nov 22, 2004 at 12:09:02PM +0200, wrote:
> It seems to me that there is no presently defined way to use POST
> to submit a representation to a web authority, such that the web
> authority would know based on the HTTP request that the content
> body of the request consists of a representation.

As I see it, all data is a representation of the state of some resource.

> After all, that's what PUT is for.

PUT just prescribes that the provided representation is to be
interpreted as a representation of the desired state of the resource
identified in the HTTP request line.  It's not special in its ability
to transfer representations.

Consider that I could script a couple of HTTP messages that set the
state of a lightbulb to the same state of some other lightbulb, but in
the second message - the PUT request - the provided representation is a
representation of the state of the first lightbulb.  Not until the PUT
request succeeds is it also a representation of the second bulb.

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