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>Was wondering, are there studies or works on "reading out" rdf graphs?
>I guess it might be of interest for automatically generated web pages, as 
>well as an important accessibility step.
>Would that result be necessairly in very boring and unreadable text?
>I looked around and found mention of an RDF2text but the page seems not to 
>be reachable.

I have a tool that I use for formatting text from an RDF graph.  I've used 
it for creating HTML and XML documents from RDF source data;  it could be 
used to generate arbitrary text data.

It's a bit clunky to use... the main tool [1] is written in Python, and 
accepts a description of the transformation that is itself in RDF (see 
[2]).  And I have a second tool [3] that compiles a more "user-friendly" 
decsription into the RDF form, which is written in Haskell.

The translation is performed by matching queries to the RDF graph, and then 
using variable bindings resulting from these matches as substitution into a 
format string.  The overall process is controlled by a very simple ad-hoc 
style language that initiates queries and what to do with them.  An example 
of a formatter description is [4].




     (uses many other source modules in the same directory tree)


None of this software is really packaged for others to use, but I don't 
think it should be too hard to get it working.  The zip file versions may 
not be the very latest... if you briwse the web site directories in, I think all the latest module versions 
are there somewhere as individual files.

Graham Klyne
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