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I'm the author of the exff UML-to-OWL XSLT converter Evan mentioned. You can
get it at for now. It reads Poseidon XMI and
generates OWL. There's also a SourceForge project called exff but I don't
think I've kept it updated. I will update the CVS there as well. I've also
played a little with other UML tools XMI files, EA and ArgoUML, but not
published any work yet.

Any help in improving this tool would be appreciated. The UML to OWL
translator currently uses some funny rules as it is just a hack of a very
simple UML to ISO EXPRESS converter (i.e. association names and end names
must be the same). I had been waiting for the OMG ODM UML Profile for OWL to
settle down before doing any work on this as I planned on implementing
whatever they standardize. However, I would be willing to spend some time on
this now if people are interested in using it.

I've done no work on a native RDF/RDFS translator, but would be willing to
help with that too.


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> Hi Evan, 
> Thanks for the reply and pointers.
> On Tuesday 16 November 2004 17:46, you wrote:
> > I had been working on a mapping document as described above.  
> > Hopefully, these emails will bump the priority of this work.
> Would you be interestred in putting that on a CVS or even 
> just an HTTP server? 
> I'm sure people would contribute on it...
> Manos

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