Notation3 languages, cwm etc: Scheduled topic chat #RDFIG

We'll have a Scheduled Chat on the specific topic on N3
and related languages on irc://irc.freenode/net/rdfig

   19:00Z,  14:00 ET,  11:00PT  on Monday November 17th 2004.

Chair: Dan Connolly or community chairing
Scribe: Looking for volunteers

Notation3 is a shorthand syntax for RDF which make sit easier to write 
and understand RDF graphs by hand.  It also has extensions, which allow 
variables, and hence the expression of rules, queries, etc.

Some draft possible agenda items:

- Roll call
- Software status, implementation reports, 2 mins round the table
- What should the standardization track be if any for N3?
- Technical  syntax issues
     - relationship with NTriples (UTF-8 vs ASCII, etc)
     - characters allowed in identifiers
     - sub-languages
- SPARQL and N3

but mail me with any suggestions.

Tim BL

Received on Tuesday, 9 November 2004 15:14:38 UTC