"Next-Generation" RSS Tools

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Andrew Watt and myself would be grateful if anyone could help with
research for a forthcoming book on syndication technologies [1].
Andrew describes the *big* question in a blog post [2]:
One of the tasks is to review information aggregators. The number of
aggregators is huge. I would be interested in any feedback from
satisfied users of information aggregators which allow long-term
storage of data derived from RSS and Atom feeds and which allow
user-specified filtering in the information aggregator.

The basic tasks of adding feeds and displaying their content seems to
be adequately or better handled by a host of aggregators. But the
notions of long-term storage of interesting information and the
ability to filter information inside feeds seems to be less adequately
implemented. Any feedback on those aspects of currently available
tools, particularly tools which implement these notions well, would be

Anybody who is developing what I would think of as a "next generation"
aggregator and who doesn't want to make their product public quite yet
would be welcome to email me at SVG Developer at aol dot com. I would
be happy to mention interesting upcoming tools which provide something
that "the crowd" doesn't yet support.

Of particular interest would be details of any systems exploiting the
explicit categorization potential in feeds - maybe publishing more
than just <dc:subject> and/or making use of such data in a feed


[1]  "Beginning RSS and Atom Programming"

[2] http://www.tfosorcim.org/archives/000228.html



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