Re: Annotating photos with events/subevents

Hi Morten.

Morten Frederiksen:
> I see no reason why you couldn't use the same approach for those types of 
> events. The reason for using foaf:homepage is simply to make it easy for 
> different people to talk about the same thing without agreeing on a specific 
> URI for the event itself, there's nothing wrong with:
> dc:coverage <> .
> <> rdf:type cyc:Event .
> To tell the world that your participation in the conference is a subevent of 
> the conference:
> <> cyc:subEvents [  foaf:homepage 
> <> ] .
> (Note the ending 's' on subEvents)

Ok, that might not be so bad.  I think the reason I settled on
foaf:topic was partially also because I wanted to be able to disinguish
my photo events with these conference-type events for my browsing
interface.  I want to show:

  Trip to Tokyo 2004
    Attending SVG Open 2004

rather than:

  Trip to Tokyo 2004
    SVG Open 2004
      My attending SVG Open 2004

but I guess I could do this differentiation a different way (for example
by omitting events that are not explicitly the dc:coverage of any

So if I have a photo described as:

  <> a foaf:Image ;
  	dc:coverage <> .
  <> a cyc:Event ;
  	cyc:subEvents [ foaf:homepage <> ] .

How can I maximise the possibility that people searching for photos from
SVG Open 2004 will find my photo, which has a dc:coverage of my
attendance of SVG Open 2004?  Can RDFS or OWL rules be written so that
queries for photos that have

  dc:coverage [ foaf:homepage <> ]

will work here?



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