[ANN] 3store 2.2.17


Major changes:
  Bugfix for clients talking to servers with different endianess*
  Speed improvements for asserting data (approx. 3x)
  SQL tables can be prefixed to prevent clashes (thanks to Phil Dawes)
  Builds cleanly on OSX+fink (I think)
  tstore_test now displays human readable results
  RPM packages now include apache modules

CVS tag "v2_2_17" for those using CVS.

* because of this bug people using bigendian servers (eg. solaris, OSX)
  will have to reimport all thier data. Sorry :( If you have a lot to
  reimport there is a standing offer for me to write a perl script that
  will convert automatically if this screws anyone.

Received on Monday, 21 June 2004 14:00:47 UTC