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Pat Hayes a écrit :
> >
> >Is the Semantic Web a realistic endeavour
> >or just a SCAM aimed at collecting funds
> >from research, VCs or otherwise?
> This is not a rational debating topic: it is a paranoid rant. 

No, no, this is "Stratagem 8" from Arthur Schopenhauer's "The Art Of Controversy"


> By phrasing your point, if you have a point, in these terms, you are
> accusing a large number of hard-working and serious people (such as
> my good self) of dishonesty.  I don't choose to listen to this
> garbage any more.

Then you choose not to make any sensible response anymore.
And THIS was among the points I made too:

JLD>> I have NEVER, EVER, seen any meaningfull
JLD>> response from the Semantic Web "pushers".

> Congratulations. Your emails have now been promoted to the status of
> spam by my email filters.

Oh, please...
This is Stratagem 38

And somehow, you lost,
but that was not the purpose of my argumentation.

I really mean to listen to some VALID points in support
of the grandiose aims of the Semantic Web.
If any such arguments can be made.

Kind regards,

-- Jean-Luc Delatre

P.S. We already had some previous clash.
Do you remember my question about a hat?
Think about it...
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