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Danny Ayers wrote:

> Adam Souzis wrote:
>> Mazzilli, Rodrigo wrote:
>>> HTML 1.0 was probably not the best hypertext markup language we
>>> could have invented but it was simple and straightforward! Even a
>>> 12-year-old child could understand it and (boom!) suddenly
>>> everyone was writing web pages.
>> Is the same level of simplicity possible for the SemWeb?
> Regarding 12 year olds, I think they would be receptive to the basic
> idea of "describing stuff" and the taxonomies, perhaps less so with
> ontologies, joining the descriptions together and (waaah!)
> Description Logics. For general adoption, I reckoned there's a lot
> can be gained from specific applications that are designed directly
> for the end user - Semaview's smart PIM material hits a good spot,
> and Storymill's approach is marvellous, check the graphics here: 

I strongly agree. People love personal libraries--look at the time and
effort poured into organizing record or book or photo collections. Look
at the work volunteers put into MusicBrainz--its use of RDF hasn't
stopped open-source developers from embracing it. I was disappointed 
that Kendall Clark's recent "Hacking the Library" series didn't focus 
more on the fun that can be had with RDF for that kind of stuff...


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