RE: [seweb-list] A discussion: Is semantic web an old fashioned i dea?Is it bubble,unworthy or an interesting research area - Post your c omments

I'd be great if those believing only in the hype surrounding the semantic
web sign a contract for life stating they will never use or try reap
benefits from the use of the semantic web.


Good luck to you all!

(Just don't try to convince me of the newest/hottest string parser you've

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> Miltiadis Lytras a écrit :

> In AIS SIGSEMIS we do believe that no technology not even theory is 
> panacea. For this reason we do believe in dialogue. I decided to 
> initiate an interesting discussion concerning your perceptions and 
> ideas for SW.


In spite of lots of critiscism of the Semantic Web floating around, I have
NEVER, EVER, seen any meaningfull response from the Semantic Web "pushers".
They just stick to the used car salesman trick, ignore the questions and
keep spitting out the hype as fast as you can. The hype question arised
years ago and has been given quite sensible answers:

These are just the 3 top pages out of 5360 
from Google search for "semantic web"+hype (ROTFL :o))

But, but, I do not believe anymore that the Semantic Web is a hype bubble:

The Semantic Web is a SCAM, plain and simple!!!

The Semantic Web "pushers" are knowingly fooling the public
and the research funding commissions.
Apart from a few innocent souls like Danny (who does not get any budget, are
you Danny?) and the top dog TBL himself, who is probably driven by 
delusions of grandeur about a "second coming", 
they KNOW they are lying about the feasibility of the kludge.

But it's so hard to get a job or a budget nowadays...


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