Re: XSLT for literal mapping/conversion

Jeremy Carroll wrote:

> Three triples
> _:a rdf:type r1:date .
> _:a xxx:transform eg:r2-to-r1.xsl .
> _:a rdf:value "4th June 2004" .
> We might expect xxx:transform to have semantics along the lines of
> "the object of this statement is an XSLT transform that when applied 
> to the subject serialized in such-and-such a way gives additional 
> triples that are also true."
> This could constitute a semantic extension to RDF as defined in RDF 
> Semantics.

I was hoping it might fit.

> Given this the three triples are monotonic in that if we delete any of 
> them the result still holds.
> ===
> The hardest bit I see is the "such-and-such": I think TriX would make 
> it easier. RDF/XML has too much variability.

Yep, definitely a snag there. XSLT seems such a tidy little mechanism, I 
was hoping it might work for something like this that's kind-of on the 
surface. But the idea doesn't seem anything like as convincing when the 
statements are expressed as n3.

> FWIW I agree with Damian that it might be better to hang this off a 
> class.

Thanks guys, I'll ponder.




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