Reasoning over the Wine Ontology

Hi All --

I have written some rules that reason over the Wine ontology [1], to see 
how the semantics can extend from the OWL notation into the world of end users.

The rules can be run by pointing a browser to, and 
selecting the demo called Wine1.

As you may see, there is still a semantic gap between what the rules can do 
and what an end user would reasonably expect.  However, the gap is smaller 
in other demos that are based on relational tables rather than triples.

Comments on how to bridge that gap in rules over triples would be much 
appreciated.  In particular, although the rules yield explanations, these 
are more suitable for technical folks than for end users.

If you have corrections or suggested improvements for the rules, you can 
use a browser to make changes to a copy, and to run the changes.

Thanks in advance for comments, conceptual or technical.

                                                 -- Adrian


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Received on Thursday, 30 December 2004 02:18:34 UTC