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You might look at

for a start.

(I knew we'd get back to PICS sooner or later!)


Danny Ayers wrote:
> Anyone happen to know of an exisiting RDF vocabulary that covers
> movie-style ratings?
> Any suggestions on how best to develop one? XFilms?
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> Date: Wed, 22 Dec 2004 19:08:29 -0000
> Subject: [rss-media] RSS - Rating system
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> Here comes a bag of worms...
> Looking at the media related rss feeds we've received, it's apparent
> that there will be some <ahem> questionable content.. Like adult
> content. It would be excellent if RSS feeds could self describe the
> general nature of their content with some sort of rating system.
> (Just to be clear, when I'm talking about a Rating system, I'm
> referring to what the movie industry does for movie content. Such
> as "G, PG, R, X".)
> Are there any current modules you know of that address this? A quick
> search didn't turn anything up, but I could have easily missed it.
> -David

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