Re: Time-sensitive resources using RDF?

* Jeremy Carroll <> [2004-12-22 15:01+0000]
> A quick glance at this thread indicates that you haven't yet mentioned:
> Dynamic Properties Framework (DPF)
>     22 November 2004, David Raggett, Rafah A. Hosn, Sailesh Sathish, 
> Keith Waters
>     Last Call Ends 10 January 2005
> While this is not in RDF it is about time-sensitive properties of 
> resources - hmmm is that the same as time-sensitive resources??

Oh wow, that's in Last Call already. Thanks for the reminder!

I'm sure they'd appreciate reviews from RDF folks. Also if anyone 
has time to try XSLT GRDDLing it into RDF, that would be a valuable 


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