Re: Time-sensitive resources using RDF?


This is a useful reference.  However, while it is talking about 
describing time-sensitive properties (that is, properties that change 
dynamically), it's not immediately clear to me (after, admittedly, only 
a quick glance at it) that it provides any special insights as to how to 
explicitly represent the temporal aspects of the property values.  That 
is, any RDF document (or database, or XML document) can have values that 
change dynamically, whether there is any explicit association of times 
(or locations, or other metadata) with the various values or not.  The 
issue is how, in whatever representation you're using (RDF, relational 
database, XML), to associate that additional time (or whatever) 
information with the individual values.  I can see that a type for 
timestamps is provided, but aside from just creating a separate property 
to hold a timestamp, is there something else going on?

The main reason why I think this is a useful reference is that I didn't 
realize this was in Last Call, and there are some issues to be raised 
about it.  In the current context, one of them is that DPF says that it 
is complementary to CC/PP, but DPF doesn't use RDF, and uses DOM 
datatypes rather than XML Schema datatypes.  I can imagine why this 
might be, but it would be nice to have some explicit discussion of why 
this apparent inconistency exists.  (I also note that the reference 
given for RDF is to the RDF Schema document).  A guess a message to the 
comment list is in order ("after further review", as they say in the 
National Football League).


Jeremy Carroll wrote:
> A quick glance at this thread indicates that you haven't yet mentioned:
> Dynamic Properties Framework (DPF)
>     22 November 2004, David Raggett, Rafah A. Hosn, Sailesh Sathish, 
> Keith Waters
>     Last Call Ends 10 January 2005
> While this is not in RDF it is about time-sensitive properties of 
> resources - hmmm is that the same as time-sensitive resources??
> Jeremy

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