ANN: RAP - RDF API for PHP 0.9.1 released

Hi all,

we have released RAP version 0.9.1 today.

Compared with version 0.9, we have added the following features:

- GRDDL support
- improved namespace prefix handling
- improved support for common vocabularies
- RSS, FOAF, ATOM vocabularies added
- option to create RDF models using RDQL added
- two new tutorials added
- various bugs fixed

More information about RAP is found at

RAP 0.9.1 can be downloaded under LGPL license from

Lots of thanks to Tobias Gauss, Daniel Westphal implementing the new
features and to Sören Auer, Anton Köstlbacher and Gunnar Grimnes for his
various bug reports including fixes.


Chris Bizer

Received on Monday, 20 December 2004 16:16:03 UTC