Re: Non SemWeb uses of RDF

A wildly different application :-) :

in one of our projects we're using RDF to "encode text". By this we mean 
adding annotations and defining what is the purpose of each word (say 
verb, adjective, noun) in, for example, a poem or a writing.
This is in fact a problem that has prooven very difficult (if not 
impossible) using just XML technologies.
See a lot of XML textual encoders express their frustration at a 
computational/humanities conference we decided to give it a stub and... 
so very promising!. A nice ontology helps us keep the queries very 
concise and meaningful, the graph structure allows all sort of grouping 
and annotations..
At the same time.. the same structure can also accomodate graphic 
annotations of manuscripts (say , "here the author slashed these words") ..


Brian Manley wrote:

>I'm fairly new to RDF, and I'm curious to learn the level to which RDF is being adopted in non semantic web related applications. I find references to its use in bioinformatics, library science, knowledge management and other areas. But what I'm not seeing is much use of RDF in business applications (enterprise or SMB) , consumer-focused applications ( PIMs, personal collection management, etc ) or even systems integration products.
>If it is being used, can you site some examples? If it's not being used much outside of the SW movement, why do you think that is?
>Any insight would be appreciated.

Received on Saturday, 18 December 2004 14:03:03 UTC