Re: ROR - Resources of a Resource

> Hi all,
> The first draft of ROR (Resources of a Resource) is
> available at
> ROR is simple vocabulary for describing the resources
> of a resource (a website, a blog, a feed, a list of
> things, a tree or web structure, etc) in a generic
> fashion.
> It also provides terms for describing objects commonly
> found on websites (products, articles, feeds,
> newsletters, methods, sitemaps, menus, reviews, etc).
> Dom Vonarburg 

(1) Is there an ontology (RDFS/OWL/etc) on the way for this?
(2) If so, will it map to existing properties in vocabularies like
FOAF and vCard and of course the almighty dublin core?
(3) Not to rain on your parade either, but most of this is possible in
existing, well understood vocabularies...

Received on Sunday, 12 December 2004 23:24:59 UTC