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Dear All,

A GREAT year  (2004) for Semantic Web is reaching its end. AIS SIGSEMIS in
collaboration with AIS SIGODIS will undertake the 1st International Survey
on Semantic Web. An announcement will be posted shortly in our portal and
also will be available at AIS SIGSEMIS Bulletin 1(4).

In several talks, mailing lists as well as in Blogs we have seen
interesting opinions and views on how well SW is going. In last W3C
conference the notion was that YES!! SW is going fine.

I would like your personal participation in the discussion on how was 2004
for SW evolution. And in order to put this discussion in order I would
start by putting some questions:

1.      What was the Key achievement for Semantic Web in 2004?

2.      Which was the key technological achievement concerning SW for

3.      A title of a research paper published in 2004 with great impact
for SW Research.

4.      An event (during 2004) that you evaluated of great importance for

5.      A project / project deliverable that you evaluated as of critical
importance for SW, in 2004.

6.      Which is the Key obstacle that you anticipate as the 'battlefield'
for the evolution of SW?

7.      A Business case that SW proved its capacity to solve real world

8.      How did you saw the AIS SIGSEMIS Activities? What would you like
from us the next year?

Use the following link to post your comment:

We will compile the answers and a special pre-Christmas issue will be
published in AIS SIGSEMIS Bulletin, together with the announcement of AIS
SIGSEMIS 'Semantic Web Awards of 2004'.Feel free to share your thoughts.

On behalf of AIS SIGSEMIS Board

Dr. Miltiadis D. Lytras
Association for Information Systems, SIG on Semantic Web and Information
International Journal on Semantic Web and Information Systems (IDEA Group,
International Journal of Knowledge and Learning (IJKL) -
International Journal of Learning and Change (IJLC)-
International Journal of Metadata, Semantics and Ontologies (IJMSO)-
ECIS Track on Semantic Web and Information Systems:
Computers Engineering and Informatics Department - CEID
University of Patras &
Computer Technology Insitute - CTI
Patra, Greece
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