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                      Panel Discussion

                Will the Semantic Web scale?

               13th World Wide Web Conference
                     NYC, May 19, 2004 
			  11:00 - 12:30 A.M.



Scalability may not be the latest fad or sexy issue, but its 
importance in practice will finally determine whether 
the Semantic Web is a mirage. 

Discuss whether the Semantic Web will scale with leading experts in the

	- Cathy Marshall (Texas A+M University / Microsoft Research)
	- Jürgen Angele (University of Innsbruck / Ontoprise GmbH)
	- Alon Halevy (University of Seattle / Nimble Technologies)
	- Ian Horrocks (University of Manchester / Network Inference)

The panel will take place at WWW 2004, right after Tim Berners-Lee's
opening ceremony.

We encourage your participation ONLINE and onsite. You can pose
questions at and we will pick some of the
questions issued online 
for the discussion.

You can ask questions about all aspects related to scalability. All
panelists have a strong
theoretical background, have implementation experience and are aware of
pragmatic issues ! 

We are looking forward to a great and highly controversial discussion !

Visit today to learn more about the panel

Best regards,

Carole Goble, Rudi Studer, Raphael Volz, Daniel Oberle
Panel Organizers 

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