Re: Distributed querying on the semantic web

Hamish Harvey writes:
 > > Because a lot of the time there *isn't* a document!
 > >
 > > E.g. The information comes back as the result of a query against a
 > > remote RDF store. This is method used for obtaining RDF data in all of
 > > the semantic-web applications I've been involved in writing.
 > Do those RDF stores allow a query to be expressed as a GETable URI? So you 
 > could say
 > blah owl:imports <query URI> .

Actually I meant that there isn't a document to contain the
owl:imports terms, unless the query engine puts them into every query
result graph - I haven't given this much thought, but that doesn't
sound very workable to me.



Received on Sunday, 25 April 2004 05:42:59 UTC