peer-to-peer was Re: Distributed querying on the semantic web


well jumping in as a novice :-)

Our users prefer graphics symbols icons illustrations or photos with 
their text.
Many have learning difficulties, low literacy or other issues with text.

Some bright sparks would like a centralised server using rdf that has a 
concept and image database.
then we can have local use for personal images, but more general images 
can be 'translated' from one language to another, whether the languages 
are spoken, text, symbolic, or sign...

However I'd prefer a peer to peer system (BitTorrent?), because in this 
way the users can have greater control over the meaning, interpretation 
and relation of concepts.
It also may mean that language can develop faster and more naturally...
This does mean, much better authoring tools.

Anyway, my apologies if this seems off-topic, but if anyone knows of a 
simple explanation that refers to something similar, together with a 
working example, that would be sweet.


Jonathan Chetwynd
"It's easy to use"

Received on Thursday, 22 April 2004 02:00:31 UTC