AW: Distributed querying on the semantic web

> However, I do hope that you did not mean necessary 
> information about the referent (denotation, meaning, ...) of 
> the URI.  I vigorously oppose any attempt to require that 
> part of the meaning of a URI that my applications are 
> supposed to abide by be the meaning that can be found in a 
> document found by dereferencing the URI.  To pick my 
> favourite example, I do not want my applications to be 
> required to abide by the information available at 
> just because I use the URI 
>, *even* if this 
> information is only something like
> rdf:type foaf:person .

this implies that you are domain owner of if you make
up this fictous resource. 
F.E. I have stated on to
use this uri to identify the thesis, although not the pdf can be found
there. This may be good social practice, to tell people what uris to use
for identifying concepts. State on your homepage which resources are

if your applications run only on a local context, they may only use
local uris, then your problem is also solved:

you then configure your "distributed querying engine" to ignore these
local uris and contact the server directly. 
And about highly used public uris (like f.e. the RSS schema):  You can
also assign "alternative sources" to these resource, 
f.e. "*" can be found on my local host database.

I would recommend that you are only allowed to make up URLs using
domains you own!


Received on Tuesday, 20 April 2004 12:02:47 UTC