RE: Resumes: what ontologies to use?

In my knowledge the following links are the most significant effort to standardize human resource and resume information.

Unfortunately, they use XML Schema to encode it (yet another one....). It would be nice to have an OWL version of this schema. 

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From: Uldis Bojars [] 
Sent: Wednesday, April 14, 2004 12:24 PM
Subject: Resumes: what ontologies to use?

I'd like to review some of the assumptions that I made when creating
the Resume RDF schema [1] some time ago. And would be grateful if you
provide your comments.

Main principle was:
   1. Find good ontologies for describing parts of resume (as resume
   consists of different kinds of information). Good would mean an
   ontology with best coverage of this part of resume and, preferably,
   most used in the applications.

   2. Where good ontologies cannot be found, create a new one.

Thus, I looked for ontologies for these subject areas, but did not
find many and put most of the details in my Resume ontology.

What would be the ontologies [you might suggest] to use for describing
the following subject areas:
   # Person itself
   # Contact information
   # Work experience (company, time period, title, ...)
   # Education (educ. institution, time period, degree, ...)
   # Publications *
   # Courses, certificates
   # Skills (specific, language, driving, ...)
   # References
   # Wishes for desired job/company / Conditions (relocation, ...)
   # ... other information ...
   # Meta-information about the Resume itself (revisions, ...

At the time of creating the 1st version of the Resume schema, I could
find ontologies only for describing a person. (* I did not have
publications included in the list of subject areas then *)

For person ontologies I saw a choice between FOAF and vCard.
  vCard had better coverage of precise details for address and phone
  numbers in a resume, so I chose it for the person information.

  Now I would choose FOAF as it is living and has a larger "installed
  base" of application using it. [vCard RDF - is it still evolving and
  being used?]

  I like the PersonalProfileDocument class in FOAF and assume that a
  resume may a subclass of PPD. [Just don't make it an inverse
  functional property, please!]

So the question is about all other subject areas - what ontologies to
use? For publications Dublin Core is a possibility.


 [CaptSolo] Uldis Bojars


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