Re: Use of Semantic Web technologies for government information

Beste Erhat,

Have a look at MetaLex (, a semantic-web enabled XML 
markup language for legal sources. We are currently working on extending 
it to cover jurisprudence as well.


	Rinke Hoekstra

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> Dear all,
> I'm a computer science student at the Free University (VU) in Amsterdam. I'm
> doing a research on the use of Semantic Web technologies for government
> information on the Web. This, to improve the "find ability" of information
> on a government portal. All information on the Dutch authorities on the Web
> are accessible via this portal ( <> ).
> As this concerns a huge amount of data / WebPages, there is need for a more
> intelligent way to get to the required information. What solution can the
> Semantic Web technologies give on this subject?
> I'm looking for any research, papers, case studies or other resources
> related to my research and Master Thesis.
> All relevant information and ideas are welcome. I would appreciate you help.
> Kind regards,
> Erhat Ilgar
> e-mail:  <>

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