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CALL FOR PAPERS : Workshop on Regulatory Ontologies (Abstracts: June 18) (53)

From: Mustafa Jarrar <mjarrar@vub.ac.be>
Date: Tue, 13 Apr 2004 20:17:19 +0200
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-CALL FOR PAPERS - Deadline for submissions: June 25, 2004-


                         Workshop on 
          Regulatory Ontologies (WORM-04)
  WWW:  <http://www.starlab.vub.ac.be/staff/mustafa/WORM_2004.htm>


        Part of the  <http://www.cs.rmit.edu.au/fedconf/> International
Federated Conferences (OTM '04)

             * Proceedings published by Springer LNCS *

                 October 25-29 2003 , Larnaca, Cyprus


In many application areas (such as e-commerce, e-governments, content 

standardizations, legal information systems etc.), the modeling of 

regulatory and legal knowledge is a critical. Modeling and deploying 

regulatory knowledge has some specifics that differentiate it out from other

kinds of knowledge modeling: reasoning methods and application scenarios,

the legal weight (/order) of regulations, parsing legal texts requires 

special semantic patterns, the sensitivity in cross-boarder regulations,

etc. This workshop aims at bringing together academics, researchers,

professionals and industrial practitioners to discuss issues involved in

modeling regulatory ontologies. Regulatory ontologies typically involve the

description of rules and regulations within the social world. In particular,

we seek original contributions on the following issues of interest, but not 

limited to:


 - Engineering of regulatory ontologies: conceptual analysis, 

   representation, modularization and layering, reusability, 

   evolution and dynamics, etc;


 - Multilingual and terminological aspects of regulatory ontologies; 


 - Models of legal reasoning (from ontological viewpoint): regulatory 

   compliance, case-based reasoning, reasoning with uncertainty, etc. 


 - Sensitivity on and harmonization of regulations; 


 - Regulatory metadata and content standardization (e.g. legal-XML/LeXML, 



 - Regulatory ontologies of: property rights, persons and organizations, 

   legal procedures, contracts, legal causality, etc; 


 - Task models for socially regulated activities; 


 - Experiences with projects and applications involving regulatory 

   ontologies in legal knowledge based systems, legal information retrieval,

   e-governments, e-commerce; 


 - Automated extraction of Information from regulatory documents. 


Invited Speaker 


<To be announced...> 


We invite papers of no more than 14 pages length (Springer style format) 

Describing original completed work, work in progress, interesting problems 

or use cases, or trends in this research area. Submitted papers will be 

fully refereed based on the originality and significance of the ideas 

presented as well as on technical aspects. *****Accepted papers will be 

published by Springer as a part of Proceedings of the “On The Move 

Federated Conferences 2004”. Please email your submission by 

25-June-2003 in PDF or Postscript format to Mustafa Jarrar 

(mjarrar_at_vub.ac.be) AND Aldo Gangemi (a.gangemi_at_istc.cnr.it). 


Important dates

  - June 18, 2004 : Deadline for submission of Abstracts 

  - June 25, 2004 : Deadline for submission of papers 

  - July 25, 2004 : Notification to paper authors 

  - August 20, 2004 : Final version of accepted papers 

  - Oct 28, 2004 : Workshop

Organizers and general chairs
  - Mustafa Jarrar, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium (Contact)

- Aldo Gangemi, Laboratory for Applied Ontology, ISTC-CNR, Rome (Contact)

    <http://www.loa-cnr.it/gangemi.html> http://www.loa-cnr.it/gangemi.html 


Program Committee   

<under construction...> 
  * Abdul Paliwala, University of Warwick, UK

  * Aldo Gangemi, Laboratory for Applied Ontology, ISTC-CNR, Rome, Italy

  * André Valente, Knowledge Systems Ventures, USA

  * Andrew Stranieri, JUSTSYS, Ballarat, Australia

  * Bart Verheij, Universiteit Maastricht, The Netherlands

  * Benjamin Grosof, MIT, USA

  * Carole Hafner, Northeastern University, USA

  * Giancarlo Guizzardi, University of Twente, The Netherlands

  * Jaime Delgado, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Spain 

  * Jerome Euzenat, INRIA Rhône-Alpes, France

  * Joost Breuker, LRI-UVA, Amsterdam, Netherlands

  * Leonardo Lesmo, Universita' di Torino, Italy

  * Marc Wilikens, EU JRC, Ispra, Italy 

  * Mariano Fernandez Lopez, Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, Spain

  * Mustafa Jarrar, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium

  * Nicola Guarino, Laboratory for Applied Ontology, ISTC-CNR, Trento, Italy

  * Richard Benjamins, ISOCO, Spain

  * Rita Temmerman, Erasmushogeschool Brussels, Belgium 

  * Robert Meersman, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium 

  * Said Tabet, The RuleML Initiative, Boston, USA

  * Valentina Tamma, University of Liverpool, UK

  * Youssef Amghar, Laboratoire d'Ingénierie des Systèmes d'Information,

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