Re: Human-Opaque URIs

[snip, dates in namespace and ontology URIs]

> Well, I myself prefer to use major version numbers rather than dates, 
> e.g.

Without much management you can be pretty sure you aren't going to reuse, but is more likely to get reused (if you're
in the business of producing uris with the string "rdf" in them, other people
would have other URIs they would be likely to accidently reuse). Large concerns
could find it difficult to prevent different developers reusing URIs (now
there's an answer to what a "namespace document" should be; ...<p>I'm using
this URI, find another</p>... :)

On balance I prefer your approach, but I see the point of the dates.

Jon Hanna
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Received on Tuesday, 6 April 2004 05:10:45 UTC