INTELLCOMM 2004: Final Call for Papers

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The 2004 IFIP International Conference on
Intelligence in Communication Systems

23 - 26 November 2004, Bangkok, Thailand

Main classes of topics:
- Architectures for Adaptable Networks and Services
- Semantic Web and Web Service Technologies
- Applications, Information Management and Security
- Intelligent Service Application Interface and Intelligent Human

The Conference Proceedings will be published in the LNCS series, Springer
Verlag. Selected INTELLCOMM'04 papers will be expanded and revised for
inclusion in Computer Networks Journal, A Special Issues on Intelligence in
Communication Systems by Elsevier or in Journal on Computer Processing of
Oriental Languages.


The Internet and Web provide more connection facilities, hence the
interactions between man-man, man-machine and machine-machine will increase
and communication will have an important role in modern systems. In order to
obtain effective and efficient communication, artistic, social and technical
issues have to be tackled in a holistic and integrated manner.
Unfortunately, communication techniques, concepts and solutions which have
been developed so far treat these issues separately, so that there arises a
need for communication researchers and practitioners in different fields
(engineering, science and arts) to meet, share their experience and explore
all  possibilities of developing integrated and advanced solutions which
incorporate ideas from such disciplines as communication arts, art design,
linguistics, Web technologies, telecommunications, computer science and
artificial intelligence.

Call for Papers
The 2004 IFIP conference on Intelligence in Communication Systems
(INTELLCOMM '04) is jointly sponsored by IFIP WG 6.7: Smart Networks and WG
6.4: Internet Applications Engineering. The conference will be held at
Shinawatra University, Bangkok, Thailand during 23-27 November 2004. Its
main objective is to provide an international forum which brings academia,
researchers, practitioners and service providers together. The discussion
areas will cover the latest research topics and advanced technological
solutions in the area of Intelligent Communication Systems, ranging from
Architectures for Adaptable Networks and Services and Semantic Web and Web
Service Technologies to Applications, Information Management, and Security
and Intelligent Service Application Interface and Intelligent Human
Interaction. The topics include, but are not limited to:

Architectures for Adaptable Networks and Services
   -  Ad hoc Networks
   -  Programmable and Active Networks
   -  Hybrid Networks
   -  Personal, Terminal and Node mobility
   -  Mobile Agents
   -  Location- and Context aware Services
   -  Adaptive Architectures and Protocols
   -  Adaptability and security
   -  Flexible Service Specification, Validation, Creation, Deployment and
   -  Service composition and WEB services
   -  Open APIs for adaptability triggering and management
   -  Flexible QoS schemes and QoS management
   -  Software Downloading, Plug-and-play and Service Scalability
   -  Configuration Management

Semantic Web and Web Service Technologies
   -  Knowledge Representation Languages, Tools and Methodologies for
Semantic Annotations of Web Data
   -  Ontologies (creation, integration, linking and reconciliation)
   -  Large Scale Knowledge Management
   -  Knowledge Portals
   -  Tools and Methodologies for Multi-Agent Software Systems
   -  Semantic Brokering
   -  Semantic Interoperability
   -  Semantic Web Mining
   -  Semantic/Intelligent Web Services (service description, discovery,
invocation, composition and execution)
   -  Semantic Web Trust, Privacy, Security and Intellectual Property Rights
   -  Semantic Web for e-Business  and e-Learning
   -  Searching and Querying

Applications, Information Management and Security
   -  Mobile E-Commerce and Ubiquitous Electronic Markets
   -  Architectures for Procurement, Bidding, Auctions
   -  Information & Communication Platforms for E-commerce, Mobile Agents,
Unified Messaging
   -  Multimedia applications
   -  XML Document and Semi-Structured Data Modeling
   -  Query Processing and Optimization of XML Documents and Semi-Structured
   -  Data Warehouses
   -  Data Mining
   -  Security, Privacy, and Consumer Protection
   -  Trust and Confidence in Digital Signatures and Certificates
   -  XML Access Control
   -  XML Digital Signature

Intelligent Service Application Interface and Intelligent Human Interaction
   -  Intelligent Communication Systems with Dialogue and Natural Language
   -  Language Processing in Internet Applications
   -  Multimedia Information Retrieval
   -  Computer Animation
   -  Computer-Based Art and Entertainment
   -  Human Computer Interaction
   -  Information Visualization
   -  Virtual Reality and Virtual Environments

The conference will involve the three distinct meetings: tutorial, technical
and poster sessions. The first will cover both theoretical and practical
aspects of selected topics, the second will present papers on the latest
research results highlighting the state of the art in all aspects of
intelligent communication systems, the third will outline research plans and

Paper Submission and Reviewing Process
Prospective authors are invited to submit their papers dealing with original
work which, at the time of submission, is not under review or has not been
published or accepted for publication in a Journal or by another conference.

Papers must be written in English, not exceed 16 pages and conform to the
formatting instructions of LNCS, Springer Verlag
( Only electronic submission
(PDF format) is accepted via the conference Web site:

Each paper will be submitted to at least three reviewers. Based on their
recommendations, the paper will be classified into: full paper, short paper
and poster. Full and short paper will appear in the main proceedings in
LNCS: Lecture Notes in Computer Science series
( Posters will be published in
separate proceedings.

Best paper awards will also be conferred on the authors of the best papers
at the conference. Selected INTELLCOMM'04 papers will be expanded and
revised for inclusion in Computer Networks Journal
(, Special Issues on Intelligence in
Communication Systems by Elsevier or in Journal on Computer Processing of
Oriental Languages (

Student Traveling Support
INTELLCOMM'04 provides also traveling support for students to participate in
the conference.

   -  Shinawatra University, Bangkok, Thailand

Conference Organizers
   -  Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Thailand
   -  Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Norway
   -  Shinawatra University, Thailand

Program Committee Co-Chair
   -  Finn Arve Aagesen (NTNU, Norway)
   -  Chutiporn Anutariya (Shinawatra University, Thailand)
   -  Vilas Wuwongse (AIT, Thailand)

Program Committee
   -  Sebastian Abeck (University Karlsruhe, Germany)
   -  Kiyoshi Akama (Hokkaido University, Japan)
   -  Harold Boley (National Research Council of Canada, Canada)
   -  Raouf Boutaba (Waterloo University, Canada)
   -  Tru Hoang Cao (Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology, Vietnam)
   -  Nigel Collier (National Institue of Informatics, Japan)
   -  Phan Minh Dung (AIT, Thailand)
   -  Tapio Erke (AIT, Thailand)
   -  Dieter Fensel, University of Innsbruck, Austria)
   -  Dominique Gaiti (University of Tech. Troyes, France)
   -  Arun Iyengar (IBM Research)
   -  Lorne G. Mason (McGill University)
   -  Olli Martikainen (University of Oulu, Finland)
   -  Riichiro Mizoguchi (Osaka University, Japan)
   -  Elie Najm (ENST, Paris, France)
   -  Ekawit Nantajeewarawat (Thamasat University, Thailand)
   -  Bernhard Plattner (ETH Zurich)
   -  Ana Pont-Sanjuan (Polytechnic University of Valencia)
   -  Aiko Pras (University of Twente, Netherlands)
   -  Guy Pujolle (Laboratoire LIP6, France)
   -  Reda Reda (Siemens, Germany)
   -  R. Sadananda (AIT, Thailand)
   -  Tadao Saito (University of Tokyo, Japan)
   -  A. B. Sharma (AIT, Thailand)
   -  Marcin Solarski (Fraunhofer FOKUS, Germany)
   -  Virach Sornlertlamvanich (NECTEC, Thailand)
   -  Otto Spaniol (RWTH Aachen University, Germany)
   -  James P. G. Sterbenz (BBN Technologies, USA)
   -  Do van Thanh (NTNU, Norway)
   -  Samir Tohme (ENST Paris, France)
   -  Naoki Wakamiya (Osaka University, Japan)

Organizing Committee Chair
   -  Manoo Ordeedolchest (Software Industry Promotion Agency, Thailand)

Organizing Committee
   -  Chindakorn Tuchinda (Ericsson, Thailand)
   -  Pojanan Ratanajaipan (Shinawatra University, Thailand)
   -  Rachanee Ungrangsi (Shinawatra University, Thailand)

Important Dates
   -  15 April 04          Deadline for paper submission
   -  30 June 04           Notification of acceptance
   -  31 July 04           Camera-ready paper due
   -  23 November 04       Conference tutorials and workshops
   -  24-26 November 04    Conference

Workshops and Tutorials
The INTELLCOMM'04 Program Committee invites proposals for the Workshop and
Tutorial Program to be held on 23 November 2004, immediately preceding the
main conference. We invite proposals for four (half-day) or eight hour
(full-day) workshops/tutorials on topics related to the main topics of the

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