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CFP : RIAO'2004, France, Apr 26-28 2004.

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                      Call For Papers and Applications


       Coupling Approaches, Coupling Media and Coupling Languages for
                           Information Retrieval

                  University of Avignon (Vaucluse), France

                          April 26th-28th, 2004

   Organized by:

     (C.I.D., France)

     in cooperation with the LIA (Laboratoire d'Informatique d'Avignon -
     Université d'Avignon)

     and with technical support of IRIT (Institut de Recherche en
     Informatique de Toulouse)


   Current  content-based information  management  involves many
   disciplines. Information must be retrieved from  video, from sound,
   from  images and graphs.  Question answering  involves both syntax 

   Information classification and filtering  involve machine learning 
   linguistics. In addition, as  information technology spreads
   the   world, a   wider variety  of   languages in  increasingly
   combinations must be handled. 

   In  response  to these    evolving  needs, RIAO'2004 calls for  
   covering the  coupling of techniques from  different domains to
   information retrieval. RIAO'2004 will  present innovative  research
   developments from    all  areas  of   multi-media  and  
   information  retrieval.   Submissions,   demonstrating combination  
   techniques from disparate  domains,  may treat retrieval from  either
   single  medium, or   across   media  (indexing  one  medium  for  
   information in another), or  from coupling unstructured  and
   information  (e.g. exploiting both   text and XML  structure), or 
   across languages.   

   Conference Themes:

   Paper submissions should cover one or more of the following themes:

     Multimedia information:

     * Media-specific indexing techniques (text, speech, fixed and
       animated images, music)
     * Indexing composite documents
     * Querying multimedia documents
     * Automatically generating text from images and from video
     * Indexing interactive documents

     Multilingual Information:

     * Cross-lingual information retrieval, especially involving 
       rarer languages 
     * Automatic construction of bilingual lexicons and term banks
     * Production of multilingual documents

     Man Machine Combinations:

     * Coupling search and browsing
     * Coupling search and semantic mapping (ontologies, SOM, etc)
     * Multimodal interfaces
     * Coupling access through structure and through content
     * Automatic presentation of search aids (e.g. key words, phrases)
     * Neuroscience applied to information recognition

     Architecture for Combined Approaches:

     * Architecture for coupling techniques (e.g. Machine Learning for
       Content Management)
     * Architecture for coupling media
     * Architecture for treating multilingual information

     Specific Systems Combining Diverse Approaches:

     * Systems for Collaborative Information Retrieval
     * Question answering systems
     * Multidocument or multilingual summarization
     * Automatic translation, translation memory

     Combining Linguistic and Statistics for Retrieving Content:

     * Improved linguistic analyzers in information retrieval
     * Exploiting linguistic knowledge in search and retrieval 
     * Knowledge Extraction for Information Retrieval
     * Semantics in indexation and retrieval

     Composite Documents and Content:

     * Exploiting document structure
     * Semantic Web, and Ontologies for Full-Scale Information Retrieval
     * Exploiting new multimedia norms for content-based information

     Evaluation of Combined Approaches:

     * User oriented retrieval metrics
     * New retrieval metrics
     * Question-Answering systems evaluation metrics

     Application domains combining techniques:
     (descriptions of systems involving the following domains):

     * Cultural heritage
     * Indexation and retrieval of medical images
     * Applications concerning security
     * Protection of intellectual property
     * Protection of minors
     * E-learning
     * Technology Watch

   Important dates:

     First call for papers:                October 1, 2003
     Deadline for paper submission:        December 15, 2003
     Notification of acceptance of papers: January 31, 2004
     Camera-ready copies due:              March 8, 2004
     Conference dates:                     April 26-28, 2004

   Submissions    should be about   6000   words (about 20 pages, 
   spaced),  include and abstract  and be submitted in  PDF  or PS

   Submissions  for communications will be made electronically on its
   site : http://www.riao.org.

   The  working  language  of the conference   is  English.   However,
   agreement with the French regulations  of the "Loi Toubon",
   of papers in French and presentation of papers, if selected, in
   will be accepted.


   Innovative applications and  products related to the  conference
   are sought for demonstrations during the three  days of the
   They  will be selected  by the international Application committee,
   the basis of  their innovation  and  future or  present
   Selected applications will be given free demonstrations spaces.

   Application  submissions should cover one   or  more of the 

     * Multimedia  indexing  and  retrieval systems (text, sound,
       images, video)
     * Cross-lingual indexing and retrieval systems
     * Peer-to-peer text search engines
     * Cooperative Information Retrieval (grids)
     * Automatic XML structuring of documents
     * Automatic   metadata  generation  for  text,  sound,  and 
       automatic annotators
     * Automated ontology construction and annotators
     * Topic  detection  and  event  detection  in  streaming 
       technology watch, strategy watch
     * Intelligent message filtering
     * Intelligent text agents
     * Parent control and anti-spam control by content filtering
     * E-learning - response interpretation
     * Document   summarisation   --   mono   or   multilingal,  mono 
       multidocument, profile driven
     * Topic maps
     * Domain-specific   application   of   information   retrieval  
       multimedia   retrieval:  medicine,  e-commerce, 
       teaching, video production, etc

   Important dates:

     First call for applications:                 October 1, 2003
     Deadline for application submission:         January 31, 2004
     Notification for acceptance of applications: March 15, 2004
     Conference dates:                            April 26-28, 2004

   Program Committee

   Co-Chairs   Christian Fluhr   Gregory Grefenstette   Bruce Croft
               CEA, France       Clairvoyance           UMass, Amherst,
               Europe, Africa    Asia, Oceania          Americas

               Catherine Berrut       IMAG, France
               Francine Chen          PARC, USA
               Claude Chrisment       IRIT, Toulouse, France
               Franciska de Jong      Univ. Twente, Netherland
               Claude de Loupy        Sinequa, France
               Renato De Mori         Univ. Avignon, France
               Marc El-Bèze           Univ. Avignon, France
               Pascale Fung           Scienc. Tech. Univ., Hong Kong
               Sadaoki Furui          Tokyo Inst. Tech., Japan
               Jean-Luc Gauvain       LIMSI, France
               Edouard Geoffrois      ETCA/DGA, France
               Julio Gonzalo          UNED, Spain
               Donna Harman           NIST, USA
               Ulrich Heid            Univ. Stuttgart, Germany
               Eduard Hovy            ISI, Univ. S. California, USA
               Christian Jacquemin    LIMSI, France
               Boris Katz             MIT, USA
               Elisabeth Liddy        Univ. Syracuse, USA
               Simone Marinai         Univ. Florence, Italy
               José Martinez          Univ. Nantes, France
               Christof Monz          Univ. Amsterdam, Netherland
               Frank Nack             CWI, Netherland
               Chahab Nastar          LTU, France
               Jian-Yun Nie           Univ. Montréal, Canada
               Douglas Oard           Univ. Maryland, USA
               Jörg Ontrup            Univ. Bielefeld, Germany
               Gabriella Pasi         Univ. Milano, Italy
               Marie Theresa Pazienza Univ. Roma, Italy
               Marc Pic               Advestigo, France
               Jean-Marie Pierrel     INALF, France
               Jean-Marie Pinon       INSA Lyon, France
               Yan Qu                 Clairvoyance, USA
               Steve Renals           Univ. Sheffield, Great Britain
               Tetsuya Sakai          Toshiba, Japan
               Frédérique Segond      Xerox, France
               Bernadette Sharp       Staffordshire, Great Britain
               Alan Smeaton           Univ. Dublin, Ireland
               Tokunaga Takenobu      Tokyo Inst. Tech., Japan
               Simone Teufel          Univ. Cambridge, Great Britain
               Evelyne Tzoukermann    ACM, USA
               Keith Van Rijsbergen   Univ. Glasgow, Great Britain
               Ross Wilkinson         CSIRO, Australia
               Zhiping Zheng          Univ. Saarland, Germany

                                      (Final list forthcoming)

   Applications Committee

   Chair       Chantal Soulé-Dupuy
               Université de Toulouse,

                                      (Forming Committee)

   Organisation and Coordination Committee

   Chair       Agnès Beriot
               Déléguée Générale du C.I.D.,

               Peter Brodnitz         Ogilvy & Mather, Japan
               Jean Louis d'Arc       Fédération France-Polonge, France
               Jean Perrière          Administrator, Secretary General,
               Saryn Rosart           CASIS, USA
               Anne Tabutiaux         Recherche et Diffusion, France

                                      (Final list forthcoming)

   Local Organisation Committee

               Aurélia Barrière       Univ. Avignon, France
               Stéphane Igounet       Univ. Avignon, France

                                      (Final list forthcoming)

   Technical Committee

   President   Luc Boulianne
               C.I.D., Canada

               Jonathan Albert        C.I.D., Canada
               Max Chevalier          Univ. Toulouse, France
               Jean-Jacques Guilbart  Collège de France, France
               Cécile Laffaire        Univ. Toulouse, France

                                      (Final list forthcoming)

   Contact Information

     Centre de Hautes Etudes Internationales d'Informatique Documentaire
     36 bis rue Ballu
     75009 Paris France
     Tel: (33 / 0) 1 42 85 04 75
     Fax: (33 / 0) 1 48 78 49 61

     Email: information@le-cid.org
     Web: http://www.le-cid.org

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