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RE: Does DC have to reference RDF

From: Joshua Allen <joshuaa@microsoft.com>
Date: Tue, 14 Oct 2003 14:55:05 -0700
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Think of DC as having two different parts:

1)       A vocabulary of common terms with well-defined semantics

2)       A syntax for embedding these terms in a web page to describe
the web page


People often want to use the DC vocabulary in places besides web pages.
The vocabulary is very useful, so there is no reason it should be
restricted to be used only within web pages using the HTML syntax.
Therefore, people often use DC terms inside generic XML documents or
inside RDF.




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I am new to the listserv and realize the following questions may have
already been asked previously.  My apologies if they have.  I searched
the Archive for the listserv and found related questions but I am still


Since Dublin Core is a metadata standard that promotes a clear
description of a resource, can it not stand alone?  If someone were
writing an XML application that used DC as the metadata scheme could
they not just reference the DC namespace alone?  When would you want to
reference the RDF namespace?  I understand that RDF promotes
interoperability but doesn't DC do that inherently on its own?  The DC
website explains exactly what is meant by 'title' or 'creator' or
'subject' etc.  What is the added value of referencing RDF or writing








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