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RE: Customising RDF

From: Jeremy Carroll <jjc@hplb.hpl.hp.com>
Date: Tue, 17 Jun 2003 13:29:14 +0200
To: "Daniel Pupius" <dan.pupius@actelearning.com>, <www-rdf-interest@w3.org>

> Hi all, I'm new to this email list so I hope that this is an appropriate
> place to ask these questions.

Yes - a good choice of forum.

> For the new version of a website I work on we have decided to store our
> articles using RDF as a base.  There are also two other sites we
> are linked
> with that will use our XML format in an attempt to build a form of content
> syndication - certain articles will appear in both sites using the given
> site's own layout and styles.
> I've tried to validate our XML but the validator throws up some
> errors I am
> unsure about.  It would be great if someone could explain what I'm doing
> wrong, and also any other suggestions on our XML would be appreciated.
> The initial XML can be seen here:
> http://v2.13thparallel.com/content/2002/tutorial/bezier-curves/data.xml
> Note that the default namespace is ours and that we allow the facility for
> "embeded" content in a number of different types (e.g. xhtml1,
> html, xhtml2,
> svg etc.). The <content> element could provide a link to an external
> datafile.
> Here are the errors:
> Error: {E201} Syntax error when processing "Daniel Pupius". Encountered
> "Daniel Pupius" Was expecting one of: XML comment processing
> instruction end
> element tag attribute rdf:bagID property attributes attribute
> rdf:type [Line
> = 13, Column = 76]


The object of the dc:creator triple should either be the string "Daniel
Pupius" or the resource identifed by the URI, it cannot be both.

You could have two dc:creator triples one with the string as object, one
with the URI as object.

  <dc:creator rdf:resource="http://v2.13thparallel.com/people/dp/info.xml"/>
  <dc:creator>Daniel Pupius</dc:creator>

> Error: {E204} rdf:li is being used as a type.[Line = 34, Column = 102]

This is indicative of a striping error, see


for discussion of striping.

> Error: {E201} Unusual Syntax error when processing start element rdf:li.
> Encountered start element rdf:li Was expecting one of: XML ELEMENT CONTENT
> end element tag [Line = 35, Column = 6]

Not a helpful error message, I'll try and fix it.
In fact, this looks like a problem to do with the parser error recovery from
the error on line 34

> Error: {E201} Unusual Syntax error when processing general start element
> tag. Encountered general start element tag Was expecting one of:
> CONTENT end element tag [Line = 41, Column = 4]
> Error: {W102} Attribute: command. Unqualified use is deprecated. Assuming
> namespace: http://13thparallel.com/schema/v2-page-desc/[Line =
> 69, Column =
> 49]
> (this last error occurs several times...

The elements tag like:
are nevertheless namespace qualified because of the empty namespace

However, attribute declaration like:
  <action command="popup" linktype="inline">
are not namespace qualified (see XML Namespaces).

An approach is to have

and then
   <action p13:command="popup" p13:linktype="inline">


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