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fwd: CPAN release of WordNet::Similarity

From: Dan Brickley <danbri@w3.org>
Date: Wed, 9 Apr 2003 02:34:13 -0400
To: www-rdf-interest@w3.org
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I thought this deserved a wider audience. Looks handy for those of us 
who have used (various) Wordnet-in-RDF approaches to describing things, 
images etc.


attached mail follows:

We are pleased to announce the CPAN release of the WordNet::Similarity
package. This is a significant upgrade to our previous Distance packages.

You can find WordNet::Similarity (including README) at:


This package consists of Perl modules along with supporting Perl programs
that implement the semantic similarity measures of Leacock-Chodorow  
(1998), Jiang-Conrath (1997), Resnik (1995), Lin (1998), Hirst-St Onge 
(1998) and Banerjee-Pedersen (2002). The package contains Perl modules  
designed as object classes with methods that take as input two word  
senses from WordNet. These methods can be embedded in any Perl program  
and will return the semantic similarity between the senses according to  
the requested measure.

There are also support programs for generating information content values  
(Resnik 1995) for WordNet concepts from a variety of corpora, including  
the BNC, Penn Treebank, Semcor, or any raw text provided by a user. The  
information content values are required by the measures of Jiang-Conrath,  
Lin, and Resnik, and could also be useful in a wide range of WordNet based 

The package also provides a simple command line interface that returns the  
similarity measure of two given words. This is very similar to our 
earlier version of the Distance package. A number of switches and options   
have been provided to enhance the output with trace data and other  

Please download and give Similarity a try! We anxiously await your  
feedback and suggestions. 

Sid and Ted

# Ted Pedersen                              http://www.umn.edu/~tpederse #
# Department of Computer Science                        tpederse@umn.edu #
# University of Minnesota, Duluth                                        #
# Duluth, MN 55812                                        (218) 726-8770 #
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