First of all thanks to Danny,Emmanuel and Charles, I really apreciate your 
quick answers.

I thought from the begining in the Model-view-Controller aproach but I think 
the bootom line is in the model. I pretend from my model to generate a SVG 
document and a RDF document (which obviously are two different views from 
the same model) but as I want to control the Model with a graphic editor I'm 
forced to use/extend/implement the class model that my graphic package (in 
this case JGraph) use, with this model and this package I already have two 
views (controlled by the package I don't have to type almos anything), the 
graphic in my Applet and the SVG document. But I want the RDF document too, 
and If I do something like implements Jena's Model interface in my model I 
have to import the whole Jena in my applet which makes it bigger. I thought 
to use the XSLT solution to move that part to the server, and I could 
generate and SVG document in the client and transform it in the server.

I still have to check yours ideas and pointers (I have been sick this days) 
but I think that I didn't look at the problem from the right side, I should 
work more in the model and not to transform a view in another view (which 
obviously is not to use the MVC).
Well, when I check again the material I let you now...

Diego Garcia
Aulanet-Universidad de Oviedo

Ps.Danny if you finally write a "Jena lite" just to read/write/parse RDF I 
could use it to write my model in the client. If you need help with that let 
me know it (well, I don't know if with my knowledge I could do something 
more than clap when you finish it but I don't wanna take your work without 
cooperate ;))

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Received on Saturday, 12 October 2002 08:19:13 UTC