RE: The Tragedy of RSS


It is obvious there is literally a competition over the syndication 
problem domain between RDF and an application of XML Schema.
Not at all. There's a competition over a brand name that no-one seems to
own but a few people seem to want. 

Besides the tragic tug of war over who's solution is "better" - I 
believe the real tragedy is RDF losing a battle that it should not
have fought.  I believe that Dave Winer, wielding the "simplicity
sledgehammer", will defeat RDF as a more widely adopted 
solution to simple syndication.  

Dave Winer's forked RSS twice by looks of things. He has a good point
about simplicity. On the other hand from a technical viewpoint, it's not
RDF that matters here, it's actually Dublin Core. having RSS not use DC
is probably shortsighted. Preserving simplicity versus including Dublin
Core is a different argument altogether. because the thing is, Dublin
Core is simple. If RSS 2.0 could find a way to leave Dublin Core in
place, that's a win-win.

Bill de hÓra 

Received on Friday, 4 October 2002 05:56:35 UTC