Re: Innovation, community and queries

First of all, what's this bit all about:

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My reader handles MIME just fine, thanks.  Sounds like your Microsoft mailer 
is putting on airs  :-)

> I would like to see a standardized RDF QL *in* RDF. It is hard to
> get folks to learn "yet another language" and having a means to
> express query-by-example in RDF makes it easier for users who already
> are familiar with RDF/XML to use it.
> I appreciate that SQL is a well established and widely known query
> language, but I see no overwhelming reason why an RDF QL need emulate it.
> Attached is an RDF schema and some additional explaination of such
> an RDF QL in RDF that I've myself been working on. Comments very welcome.

I'll have a look at this, but I've also given some thought to an RDF repr for 
Versa since Arnold deVos mentioned it might be useful to some.

I don't really think it's important for an RDF QL to be in RDF, and I would 
much rather not work with one expressed solely in RDF.  Then again, I'd also 
rather not work with one in the SQL idiom.

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