Container semantics (was Re: bNodes wanted)

> Well, RDF has no mechanisms for creating statements in one RDF graph use a bn
> ode
> from another RDF, so even being able to talk about the container, does not
> allow one to, for example, add new elements to it.

What's the difference between talking about a container (and saying
"by the way, container C happens to contain X") and adding a new
element to it (which in RDF looks something like "container C contains
X (along with possibly other things)")?  Of course there are at least
three different syntactic ways of doing RDF containers (rdf:_1,
rdf:li, daml:first/rest) and the semantics of each seem rather poorly
defined, so it's hard to argue about. 

     -- sandro

Received on Saturday, 25 May 2002 12:54:00 UTC