Re: Taking an axe RDF in XML? (no thank you)

[Assini, Pasqualino]"
> > A more convincing use of RDF (and by "RDF" I mean a broader
> > language for
> > the semantic web) could be if your company had something like
> > UDDI and WSDL
> > expressed in RDF.
> Indeed we have :-)
> We have a simple RDF model to specify methods (services if you prefer).
> Being expressed in RDF it can be both way simpler (essentially 2 classes)
> and more powerful (support inheritance, methods can have methods and
> properties, method invocations are objects in their own right, etc) than
> We have ways of searching for objects/services but this is just an add-on
> (just as google is an add-on to the web, fantastically useful but not part
> of the basic architecture).
> The system is composed by a set of objects that "live" at a certain URL on
> the web (just as any other web resource) and self-describe themselves in
> (if you access their URL you get back their description in RDF).
> The RDF description naturally mentions the class of the object and at the
> class URL you will find the RDF Schema of the class, its properties and
> methods.
> That's all there is to it.
> You can check one of these objects at
> T.
> This is an object that represent a server and provide a simple
> administrative interface.
> As the RDF description is pretty dull you might be better off looking at
> through a simple object browser:
Now this is really nice!  Thanks for sharing it.  I found a typo in the
above url - it's missing the question mark.  The correct url (modulo
wrapping) is


Tom P

Received on Friday, 24 May 2002 08:29:08 UTC