RE: The Standards Manifesto

On Wed, 22 May 2002, Joshua Allen wrote:

 > Your specific scenarios aren't too far from the Annotea work, and similar
 > efforts over on What do you think stands in the
 > way of that work going mom'n'dad mainstream?

  But like I said, I think it is the server-centric model that limits
  adoption of *both* STS and Annotea,

  Now, when I say "server-centric", what I mean is that you need to be
  using the same discussion/annotea server as me if you want to see my
  annotations.  This would be like saying that you have to dialup to my
  network if you want to read my web pages.  Every annotation server
  becomes an island of metadata.  This model only scales so far.

  And annotea begs the question, what do I gain by using RDF and URIs

Well, one of the things you can do in RDF is point to a different annotea
server using a seeAlso annotation (unless there is some more clever RDF for
doing this particularly).

Another of the things that Annotea offers by virtue of being RDF is the
ability to use RDF as the payload and get back a big lot of RDF that can all
be processed with one kind of tool. This is potentially useful in an area
like EARL, or annotating images.


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