ANN: IsaViz - A Visual Authoring Tool for RDF - v1.1 released

I'm glad to announce the release of IsaViz 1.1, which can be downloaded 

IsaViz is a visual environment for browsing and authoring RDF
models represented as graphs featuring:
* a 2.5D user interface allowing smooth zooming and navigation in the graph
* creation and edition of models by drawing ellipses, boxes and arcs
* RDF/XML and N-Triple import
* RDF/XML and N-Triple export, but also SVG and PNG export

NEW FEATURES (see CHANGES.txt for more information):

-Includes the latest version of XVTM (improved graphical performances, 
especially when displaying large graphs)
-Bug fixes (SVG export, looping splines, temp file deletion)
-Modified layout of items in the list of properties (property browser)
-Updated RDFLoader to take into account
     *changes in Jena 1.3.2 w.r.t separation between namespace and local 
name of a resource
     *changes in the SVG output of GraphViz 1.8.4 and later


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