Re: The Standards Manifesto

> The RDF scene really started to get interesting once there
> was a *public* forum for discussing, arguing, sharing ideas
> etc. [...] I'm convinced that public forums have been good
> for RDF and for W3C,


> Please take a look at
> under 'Advanced Development' [...] think about what needs
> doing and how we might set about doing it here or nearby...

As I mentioned in a recent conversation on #rdfig [1], I'd like to see some
of the member private SWAD work- which is valuable and useful - moved to a
public forum. Moving the majority of work conducted on the semweb-ad list
[2] to a publically readable space would be a good first step. The list
could be moderated in a similar way to RDF Core's mailing list - a list
which sets a very good precedent in terms of how secluded but public groups
are recieved by the community.

The RDF Interest community is probably the most receptive to feedback that
I have ever come across on the Web, and I think that your casual optimism
is well-founded. However, there is always room for improvement somewhere,
and the reasons behind your endorsement of conducting work in public quite
obviously apply to the SWAD work, IMO.

[2] The existence of which has been publically confirmed in a few places,
e.g. the rdfcore chatlogs for 2001-08-17.

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