Re: Survey on Query Languages/Tools for RDF/S, DAML+OIL, TopicMap


I'm very interesting by your survey, but the link you gave us is not

Can you check it ?

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François Jallut

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Subject: Survey on Query Languages/Tools for RDF/S, DAML+OIL, TopicMap

> Dear All
> Given the increasing interest in Semantic Web query languages and
> storage/querying tools, we have prepared a survey of related
> technologies for the standards RDF/S, DAML+OIL and Topic Map.
> Our survey is under public review and can be downloaded from the
> RDFSuite Web site:
> Apart from a general description of each language/tool, we provide
> preliminary criteria for comparing the expressiveness of the existing
> query languages as well as the technical characteristics of the
> supporting tools.
> Comments, Suggestion etc. are more than welcome.
> Best regards,
> The authors
> (Aimilia Magkanaraki,
> Grigoris Karvounarakis,
> Ta Tuan Anh,
> Vassilis Christophides,
> Dimitris Plexousakis,

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