[Danny Ayers]

> Has anyone played with Outline Processor Markup Language (OPML) [1]
> alongside RDF or Topic Maps? Not thought this through much but I would
> imagine there could be a lot of potential, not least for an RDF or XTM
> editor, where you might have an outline view (backed by OPML) with
> semantics (from XTM or RDFS).

OPML, with its authoring tool, is really good for whipping up lists, but it
doesn't help you with the two things that make authoring topic maps (or rdf
graphs) by hand hard:

1) Handling many-to-many relationships, and
2) Keeping track of what you have already defined, linking them together
properly, and avoiding duplication.

There are a number of shortcut ways to construct maps or graphs already that
do not touch 1) or 2), both for topic maps and for rdf, and I imagine many
people on the list have rolled their own at one time or another, too.  I
don't see OPML as helping out much in these areas, so although I was looking
at it for a while last year, I haven't pursued it.


Tom P

Received on Sunday, 31 March 2002 18:45:36 UTC