Re: RDF ontology for describing reusable software components

David, there are various projects along these lines that I am aware of in the

There are some folks at MIT intersted in describing Web services in RDF -
those are bits of software with interfaces, and the property that they are on
the web as a service and you send them something and they send the
information back, rather than being a thing you incorporate into a new piece
of portable code. Sandro Hawke or Eric Prud'hommeaux might be able totell you
more about this.

I also hope to have a student working with me this northern summer on a
similar project to yours, for the purpose of describing security monitoring


Charles McCN

On 28 Mar 2002, David Saff wrote:


  I have recently become interested in RDF as a potential substrate for a
  "little language" intended to describe the interfaces and properties of
  reusable software components, with a goal of enabling automated
  inference about how to assemble components to produce a solution to a
  stated goal.  Is anyone here aware of current work being done that would
  relate to this?  If this is an inappropriate forum for such questions,
  where should I go?  Thank you for your time,

     David Saff

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