Announcement: Raptor RDF Parser Toolkit 0.9.4

		   Raptor RDF Parser Toolkit 0.9.4

Raptor is a C RDF parser library for my Redland RDF application
framework (RDF Parser Toolkit for Redland - Raptor) and although
designed to integrate with it closely, works fine separate from
Redland.  It is free software / Open Source, has no memory leaks so
far and is pretty fast.

This version has several major improvements over the earlier version
and it is considered beta quality - reliable, not complete and with
known bugs.

Summary of changes:

  * XML Base support (xml:base) added
  * xml:lang support added with N-Triples lang-string support
  * All N-Triples string escapes implemented
  * N-Triples support with XML literals - xml("<foo/>") and "foo"
  * Removed all special code for containers; treated as regular typedNodes
  * rdf:parseType="Literal" now working
  * Builds as shared and static libraries
  * Conformance test suite added

The release consists of the full sources, RPM binary and source RPM
packages for RedHat Linux 7.2.  These are also available from the
Redland SourceForge mirror site at

The main web site also lets you browse and check out the source in
CVS and use Raptor in various demos (as part of Redland).

WARNING: This is a work in progress, but mostly stable.  The APIs
still may change, it is not feature complete and it needs more
testing and conformance checking.  There are known bugs - see the web
site for the latest details.

I post updates about Redland and Raptor to the Yahoo! Groups list at and invite you to join if you
are interested.


Received on Wednesday, 27 March 2002 10:02:55 UTC