RDF Model for Streaming Media Description?

Does anyone know of a specification (RDF or otherwise) for describing
streaming media presentations?  A sort of Streaming Media Description
Format (SMDF), if you will.

In particular, I'm looking for the following:

-- Basics like "station" name, website URL, geographic location, contact
information, description, genre
-- Indications for live or on-demand
-- Programming information (program, date/time, segment, genre, "song",
-- Links to presentation metadata files (SMIL, RAM, ASX)
-- Links to logos (SVG, SWF, Raster)

Alternatively, if such a specification or "description community" does not
exist, I would be interested in working with others to create/model it in


--- Stephen

Received on Tuesday, 26 March 2002 11:56:13 UTC