Semantic Web Overviw Paper

I'm looking for a good paper to use as a discussion topic in a research
meeting with my research group (the Data Extraction Group from BYU's CS
Dept.) in order to teach my group (as well as myself) about the semantic

We already know the basics of RDF and RDFS and understand their use in
creating conceptual models and structuring data, but what we (I) don't
understand too well is what is the use of RDF beyond structuring data --
What kind of things are being (or are invisioned to be) done with it.  How
will it be used in what kinds of inference to do what tasks?

Does anyone know of a good paper that answers these type of questions about
the semantic web in a semi-formal way? By semi-formal, I mean not quite so
high-level as the Scientific American article, but not so detailed that
someone with only a basic understanding of AI concepts (i.e. a group of
masters students) couldn't understand it.

Tim Chartrand

Received on Monday, 25 March 2002 14:46:31 UTC