A new integrated Architecture for the Semantic Web

As a just registered new member of this Interest Group I would like to
inform you all about a Swedish Project at the Research Institute Framkom (in
English to be interpreted as "Research Corporation for Media and
Communication Technology") that hopefully is of interest to you and the
Semantic Web community. The results - so far - are presented in a number of
reports (in English). 

The documentation is divided into four layers, where Layer 0 is the starting
point and general overview. It includes references to the other layers.
Layer 0 is reached at http://www.framkom.se/upload/ecom/keboni/Layer0.htm.
Layers 1 - 3 include documentation representing increasing levels of
details. More reports will be added along with the progress of the project.

In short; the documentation specifies an integrated Architecture based on
common sense and practical experience rather than something uniquely new. 

By the way; the Architecture also supports information exchange in a way
that creates an effective alternative to XML. This comes for free because
the Architecture is based on a foundation that doesn't make any significant
distinction between data and metadata. More about that in the documentation.

Best regards
Stig Berild

Received on Tuesday, 19 March 2002 10:07:04 UTC