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   Does Semantic Web technology address core problems in Web Services?
   What is the right model of web services against which formal tools
   and automated reasoning should be used?

These are the fundamental question behind the E-Services and Semantic Web
workshop (, that will be held in Toronto,
May 31-June 1, 2002.  We invite you to submit a paper and/or participate
in this workshop.

This is not "yet another" Web services or Semantic Web workshop.

The workshop features two distinguished speakers in this area:
- Ian Horrocks (a pioneer in Semantic Web and ontologies),  and
- Gerhard Weikum (a pioneer in workflow and e-services technologies).

The workshop PC has strong representation from academic and industry
researchers in both the AI/Semantic-Web and database/workflow communities.
This workshop presents a unique opportunity for these disparate communities
to share their views and to reach some common understandings.

The workshop location is an attractive destination, and the timing is
convenient for participants who plan to attend the PODS/SIGMOD conference
(which starts the following Monday). The workshop is held in conjunction
with CAiSE, which features additional workshops, relevant invited speakers,
and numerous technical sessions of interest to e-services, AI, workflow,
and database researchers.

We invite you to attend this workshop, and/or to submit a paper,
a panel proposal, or a statement of research interest.

Deadline for Submission:  March 22 (hard deadline)


Rick Hull and Sheila McIlraith

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